Photo of a patent drawing for a Gillette

As a young INVENTOR, King C. Gillette was inspired by disposable bottle caps to create another disposable item that would integrate itself into everyday use and, thus, be a profitable business venture. In 1895, Gillette worked out the idea for a razor blade that fit into a holder and could be replaced when dull. Engineer William E. Nickerson produced the thin, sharpened steel blades. In 1901, Gillette formed the American Safety Razor Company, renamed Gillette in 1902. Production began in 1903, and Gillette was granted his patent on November 15, 1904. In 1903, Gillette sold 51 razors and 168 blades. By 1915, he had sold 450,000 razors and more than 70 million blades. Today, the disposable razor is an indispensable item in nearly every home.