I find World War II North Africa one of military history’s most fascinating arenas. Egypt’s Western Desert, with its infinite horizons, is a source of infinite inspiration to me — in fact, getting “lost” in that desert when I was younger is how I first encountered Bernard Montgomery and Erwin Rommel. They were both very different leaders, and I have spent a great deal of time studying them and continue to do so today. I have written books about both men which I hope will contribute to history, and have more projects about them in the works. I was glad to have the opportunity to share some of my takes on the desert war — and Monty and Rommel’s leadership in particular — with WW2TV on YouTube. The first video is my analysis of Monty and Rommel’s face-off at El Agheila in late 1942. Learn more about:

  • Monty & Rommel’s different methods of fighting & leadership
  • The battle that scared both of them (yes, I said scared — watch to find out)
  • The role of politics and media in the desert war
  • How the “tables turned” on both generals
  • And more…

The second is a panel, in which we all reflected on takeaways from the war in North Africa, with a particular focus on Monty and Rommel. Of course given the controversies about these two leaders, we gracefully disagreed with each other (which should tell you that everybody follows their own path when it comes to the desert!) In short, if you think you’ve heard all there is to hear about Monty and Rommel in North Africa, chances are you haven’t! Watch and enjoy.(And before I forget to shock you — three cheers for Monty! Yes, I’m actually an admirer of Britain’s notoriously unruly Field Marshal. Check out the videos to learn some more about why!